Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so what

so what im a little bit late.... but melissa graduated from COLLEGE! if thats not a favorite then i don't know what is... anyways just wanted to give a quick shout out and congratz to her for it. it is quite an accomplishment, now she can make ma'am a real brand name with her marketing experience. yahoo! love you melllllllll.

Friday, March 26, 2010


sometimes i wonder if anyone read this blog. probably not.... but thats an ok thing. cause, like melissa and i always say..... "the only thing you need to be funny is for someone to laugh at you". so as long as melissa laughs at my posts im solid.

Skadoosh-- another way of saying the infamous "douche bag" or more family appropriate term "tool". this word used to be secret, but now i would like to share it with our beloved readers. so whenever you are in a weird situation, and you cannot express that someone is a "tool" you just say.... "skaaaaaadoosh" (emphasis on the a) hope this helps, though it probably won't, cause it was really only funny on break at UVU. cause everything is funny there. thats all.

melissa, please say you laughed at this... or i am just not even funny. cause im sure no one else will.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

one year older and funnier too.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."
~C.S. Lewis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest friend ali. it is your birthday tomorrow, you will be 21. i can't even believe it. where has the time gone? for your birthday, i just wanted to let you know 21 things that i think are awesome about you.

1. you always take the best roads places. literally and figuratively. like when we go to my house from yours, i think we have traveled 1923890432 different ways.
2. you are super smart. like you read books that i paint my nails on.
3. you get awesome ideas. like fro-ing your hair. (see image above)
4. you will carry on a joke with me forever. even if we have talked about it for a lot of hours. it's still funny to us.
5. you make some pretty great cupcakes.
6. you introduced me to that eyeshadow potion stuff for my sweaty eyeballs. true friendship.
7. "i would never do that with you!.... in there"
8. goodtimes801.
9. you're thoughtful. especially about your friends.
10. you make sacrifices so others will be happy.
11. um. you are an amazing dancer. like i cry when i see you dance on stage. and my heart leaps with joy when we dance at da club. aka. the loft.
12. you hate emoticons. :) :) :) but you appreciate them still.
13. GILLY! (refer to #4)
14. "you owe me a bobby pin and a brush." (refer to #4 again)
15. you are very loyal.
16. when shit hits the fan, you know how to clean it up.
17. you're a total babe. like soooo beautiful.
18. you are a super hard worker.
19. you're hilarious. i love laughing with you.
20. you're nice. i know that's a weird one. but there are a lot of crazy bitches out there. it's rare to find someone so.... nice. emoticon.
21. you make being friends with you easy!

well.. obviously i am obsessed with how awesome you are. here's to your best year yet!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


this is the funniest human. make sure you watch all the way till the end, cause its beyond words funny. winnie the pooh shirt. so good.

Monday, February 22, 2010

the del

my brain is fried and i just wanted to come here and write some awesome stuff. what do i want to write about you ask? well the only thing that is on my mind.. del taco.

its the greatest ever, and its all i want right now. its not like it would be hard to get up off of my couch and order a half pound (yeah it sounds gross) bean and cheese burrito with green sauce (red if you're melissa) but its not like i can just go through the drive-thru. del is not just somewhere to eat, its an experience. its not the same if you don't go inside and order from the best worker there.. (whose name remains unknown), get a water cup, pick up 6 packets of mild sauce and wait patiently for your food at the fiesta table, sitting in a cactus chair. the company isn't bad either. ma'am has been known to come up with some pretty kick a rhymes in the del--and for some reason some really awesome conversations come up there. they must put something in the refried beans. for now ill just continue dreaming..

Sunday, February 21, 2010


a couple weeks ago melissa and i refused to do something normal for our weekend activity, this took us to Maceys. if you weren't already aware, they have the best toy aisle ever. its inexpensive too. go there. anyways, we found light show lights--they are like 2 for five dollars. this is a huge secret im sharing with you, i actually really wish i hadn't written that.. but i can't delete it now cause, i just can't. we drove around and stopped at various locations blasted some techno out of my car with the doors open and did mini light shows. now.. we are not good at this. i wish i was, but i need more training--so this was not real at all, we were more like wanna be's.. as much as i hate to admit it. i can't really tell you anymore with words what it was like.. so for your viewing pleasure.


as children, during the winter olympics, my sister and i would push back the couches and the rugs and put on our socks and ice skate around the living room. that is one of my fondest memories of my childhood. i told ali about this the other night. then she gets up and does this crazy single axel thing. next thing we know we are jumping off her couches doing single axels, half axels, and spraining our ankles. things got pretty crazy. that's the kind of crazy things that happen at the mercer home when karla and phil are out of town.